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Announcing the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager Plugin: Safeguard Your Store with Advanced Security Features

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation for WooCommerce store owners – the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager plugin. This powerful tool is designed to provide a robust layer of security, ensuring that your store remains protected from unwanted or problematic sources. With the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager, you can now effortlessly blacklist specific phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, and email domains, preventing orders or cancellations from disruptive individuals and blocking account creation from suspicious sources.

The WooCommerce Blacklist Manager offers comprehensive blacklist management, allowing you to handle suspects and blocklists with ease. You can add phone numbers, email addresses, and IP addresses directly from the Edit Order page, and the plugin supports adding multiple IP addresses and domains simultaneously. The user-friendly interface, integrated into your WordPress dashboard, makes blacklist management straightforward and intuitive.

To keep everyone informed, the plugin includes customizable multi-notifications. Set up email, alert, and error notices for both admin and users, ensuring relevant parties are always aware of important updates. One of the standout features of the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager is its ability to prevent ordering and registration from blacklisted sources. If a customer’s details are on the blocklist, the plugin will automatically prevent them from placing orders or creating accounts.

Additionally, the plugin offers a timed cancellation feature, automatically canceling orders if the customer’s details are on the blocklist within a specified timeframe. You can also opt to block users whose orders are added to the blocklist, ensuring comprehensive protection.

For those seeking advanced security, our premium version offers additional features. Google Maps API integration ensures address accuracy with autocomplete on the checkout page, while address blacklisting allows you to block specific addresses. Receive suspicious address alerts, detect country mismatches, and validate customer addresses against card issuer records. Automation alerts monitor repetitive use, address mismatches, high-value orders, frequent orders, and proxy/VPN usage. Geolocation mismatch alerts ensure IP address locations match billing addresses.

Enhanced protection is offered through advanced blocking options, providing comprehensive measures to protect your business from fraud and unauthorized transactions. The WooCommerce Blacklist Manager is an essential tool for any WooCommerce store owner. By offering a robust set of features aimed at preventing fraud and unauthorized transactions, this plugin helps you maintain the integrity of your store and ensures a seamless shopping experience for legitimate customers.

Upgrade your store’s security today with the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager plugin. For more information and to get started, visit our website or contact our support team. Stay secure, stay successful with WooCommerce Blacklist Manager.

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