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Automation (Premium version only) is the part that really helping you a lot to safeguard your business against fraud and unauthorized transactions. There are mainly 2 actions that you can choose:

  1. Email to admin: This will send email to site administrator and the additional emails that you have added in the Email notifications.
  2. Add as suspect: This will also sending email and automatically add the customer into the suspect list. (Customer, phone, email, ip, address / optional)


In this cases happen then…

When a new order has placed then it will automatically scan those orders in the past about X days to do the action has set.

It’s not harmful when you double check an order with different addresses of billing and shipping.

When a new order value is higher X times than your store’s average order value, you better know it. To set this mostly corrected you can check your store’s average order value at menu Analytics > Orders

If more than X orders in Y hours have the same phone or email or ip address or address, then some one has to know.

IP address

These will help you to know if there is a suspicious IP address.

This is a high quality of protection for your business, that let you know if the IP coordinates does not match with address coordinates. To use this you have to set the Geocoding API at the Integrations tab. And also when you enable it, then the IP vs Country option will be auto disable, because you are no longer needed it.

Payment gateways

Let you know and do the action if the card from the country is not the same with the billing one.
A very popular method to protect online businesses.

To enable these options you have to enable the gateway setting at Settings > Payments

You can learn more about Address Verification Service by click here.

This will protect you from the customer who uses the credit card of the unexpected countries.

To enable this, you have to set the High Risk Countries selection at Settings > Payments