WooCommerce Blacklist Manager Premium

$59,00 / year.

Building on the robust features of the free version, the premium plugin offers advanced functionalities to safeguard your business against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Free version


The WooCommerce Blacklist Manager Premium plugin is the ultimate tool for WooCommerce store owners looking to elevate their store security and streamline their order management. Building on the robust features of the free version, the premium plugin offers advanced functionalities to safeguard your business against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Premium Features

Address Blocking

  • Google Maps API Integration: Autocomplete addresses on the checkout page to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  • Address Blacklisting: Block orders from specific addresses listed in your blocklist.
  • Suspicious Address Alerts: Receive notifications if a suspicious address is used to place an order.

Suspicious Payment Detection

  • Country Mismatch Detection: Alert if the payment card country does not match the billing country.
  • AVS Checks: Validate the address provided by the customer against the address on file with the card issuer to detect discrepancies.

Automation Alerts

  • Repetitive Use Monitoring: Detect and alert if the same phone number or email is used with different addresses or IP addresses.
  • Address Mismatch Detection: Identify orders with different billing and shipping addresses.
  • High-Value Order Alerts: Set alerts for orders significantly higher than your store’s average order value.
  • Frequent Order Detection: Monitor and alert for unusually high order frequency within a specific time period.
  • Proxy/VPN Detection: Identify and alert if an order is placed using a proxy server or VPN.
  • Geolocation Mismatch Alerts: Ensure the IP address location matches the billing country and alert for discrepancies in IP address and address coordinates.

Enhanced Protection

  • Advanced Blocking Options: Additional measures to comprehensively protect your business from fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Premium Support

  • Dedicated Assistance: Access to our premium support team for any issues or questions you may have.
  • Priority Response: Receive faster response times and personalized support to ensure your plugin operates smoothly.

With these premium features and dedicated support, the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager Premium plugin provides unparalleled security and efficiency, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business.


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- New: Prevent orders and registrations for disposable emails using MailCheck.ai (no setup is required).
- New: Prevent orders for disposable phone numbers using NumCheckr.
- New: Auto-added the disposable phone numbers into the blocklist.
- Improved: Changed Geolocation to be Integrations tab.
- Improved: Updated the service description to be clearer.


- New: Added test mode for Payment > Stripe Detection. See more
- Fix: Payment detection logics.
- Improved: Only who can edit user that can block/unblock user.
- Improved: Minor improvement.


- New: Quick block/unblock user at the users page.
- Fix: Added missing url suggestion button.
- Improved: Updated the language file.


- New: Payment - Stripe Gateway Detection.
- New: Payment - Card and Billing country are different.
- New: Payment - AVS Checks.
- New: IPinfo.io service, a better service for IP information looking.
- New: Block user button added (Available when Free version 1.3.2 release).
- Improved: Removed unnecessary heading.
- Improved: Minor bugs fixed.


- Improved: Minor bug fixed and improved.


- Improved: Fixed the actions if the phone or email is empty in the order.


- Improved: Automation action hooks are changed for better performance.
- Improved: Minor bugs fixed.


- First released.


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