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WooCommerce Order Splitter

A plugin helps you to simply split an order by product and quantity.

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Split Order for WooCommerce plugin allows you to split an order into multiple orders within the WooCommerce admin panel. This is particularly useful for managing large orders that need to be divided for processing.

– Easily split an order items into new multiple orders with specified quantities.
– Adjusts quantities in the original order based on the split.
– Split orders based on product categories to streamline processing and fulfillment.
– Split orders according to the stock status of products, ensuring accurate handling of available and backordered items.
– Ensures accurate cost calculations for the new split order.
– Return the new split order back to the original order.
– Controllable order status, shipping fee, email sending for the new split order.

1. Upload Plugin: Upload the `wc-order-splitter` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
2. Activate Plugin: Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3. Prerequisites: Ensure that WooCommerce is installed and activated.

1. Open Order: Navigate to the WooCommerce order edit page for any order that you wish to split.
2. Split Order: Click on the “Split order” button. If the order status is selected in the settings, a new section will appear allowing you to specify quantities for the split.
3. Specify Quantities: Select orders and enter the quantities for each item that you want to move to the new orders.
4. Create New Order: Click the “Split it” button. The plugin will create new orders with the specified items and adjust the quantities in the original order.
5. Settings: Remember to set the options as you wish before split an order (WooCommerce > Settings > Orders)

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